Hack the City has been one of the first hackathons ever organised in the Southern part of Switzerland.

Early 2015 Barbara and me decided that it was time to promote and launch a special event, where developers, designers, makers and people with business backgrounds could gather and spend some time together.

In 48 hours we expect that talented individuals, both individually or in teams, will come up with ideas and projects able to inspire and to be further developed and turned into real inpactful innovations. Or maybe in a successful business! At the end of the 48 hours attendees present their ideas and prototypes to a panel of experts. Winners are awarded with a monetary prize or other kind of rewards offered by one of the sponsors.

We did not invent anything. Hack the City is just one event among many others that help people with similar interests to meet in a friendly and joyful environment. The principle is to be creative and build something meaningful, that can have an inpact in solving real-world problems.
In addition, the best ideas and projects are awarded with valuable prizes.

Joining Hack the City is certainly a great opportunity to work on something you always wanted, but had no chances to. Whether is a new software, a new prototype or simply a feature for your platform, a 48 hours time frame and a good and motivated team can certainly help you make it happen.

Due to many expenses and the valuable prizes we offer to the winners, we have to sell tickets to those who want to attend the competition. At this time we do not have resources to organise a free event, but we hope we will be able to do it in the future.

Hack the City is promoted within the Regional Innovation System Ticino (RIS) and supported by the most important institutions. A great contribution has also been given by Plastical, the communication and business strategy consultancy I own. Nobody can even imagine the endless hours and the efforts we all put together to make all this happen!

And finally we owe a massive thank to all our sponsor and partners. Without them Hack the City could not even be imagined!

The cofounder,
Ryan Vannin